Monday, February 16, 2009

Mayes Family Visit

Dave and Kevin with matching coatsSusan and Allie with matching shirts
Kevin and Susan and the kids came down on Saturday afternoon to hang out. It started with Kevin and the boys coming down to see Nate's wrestling tournament on Sunday and turned into a multi-day whole-family (almost) gathering.

Susan started by showing us the great deal she'd gotten on a jacket for her and Kevin. It turns out that it was a little similar to another jacket she'd seen before (mine). My sister was also proud that she is able to constantly match outfits with Allie, as they wore the exact same shirt. She claims it's always a coincidence, but Allie and I disagree.

Ben was the most amusing part of the whole visit. At one point I saw the front door open and looked outside. I saw Bender running around in the snow without a shirt on, wearing Susan's big clunky amish shoes, going to get something from the car.
Redneck BenderRedneck Bender
Susan bought Cathie this super-cool shirt to help cathie communicate her love for LOLs in her comments on Facebook.
Cathie and Sooze LOL
The kids had a blast playing together. Everyone got along great.
Allie and Em playing DSEm and Bender
Ben, Nate and GabeAllie, Em and Sooze
On Saturday night, Dan, Kris, Cathie and I and Kevin and Susan all went out for dinner for Valentines Day. We went to the Korean BBQ in Novi, which Dan loves. He and Noel share in common the fact that they both love Korean stuff more than any other Caucasian men I've ever met. The food was so-so, but Dan did all the cooking for us. Susan and Cathie each found about a thimble full of food that they actuall liked. We went over to the Irish Pub and all orderd Pints in honor of Will (Will believes that he is actually transported to Ireland everytime he steps into an Irish Pub. In Ireland if you order a Pint, they will bring you a pint of Guiness. Will will ask for a Pint and act indignant when the waitress doesn't know what he wants. The follow up question is always, "A pint of what?" to which we all laugh hysterically as Will follows it up with, "Actually, in Ireland...." The waitress typically spits in Will's beer for his condesending additude.)
Susan Loves CatsBen and the Animals
My sister Susan spent most of her time with us on Facebook or napping. In each of these pictures, one of the kids is begging her to spend time with them, but Susan's response is, "Not now! Mommy is facebooking!"

We got up Sunday morning to go to the wrestling meet. The tournament was held at the U of M Indoor Track, hosted by the Junior Wolverine Wrestling Club. The place was packed without a place to stand or sit. The whole thing was a debacle. The place was packed and started almost an hour and a half late to begin with. Five matches in, they announced that the fire marshall said that half of the people needed to leave the event because of over-crowding. They annoucned that only coaches and kids could stay in the building, which was ridiculous. The only place to go was the parking lot. Just before Nate was ready to wrestle his first match, they annoucned that half the tournament was being post-poned until 3:00 (3 1/2 hours later). We got our money back (at least for the admission), left and headed to BW3s. What's even funnier is that the tournament last week at MSU was bigger, better and went off without a hitch. It just goes to prove what they say: Nothing good comes out of Ann Arbor.

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Stacy said...

I heard they kicked you all out because of the stink that was coming off of the MSU fans!! LOL