Monday, February 16, 2009

My Sister Loves Cats!

Susan Loves Cats
My cat hates everybody equally - except Susan. He somehow senses Susan's fear and hatred of my cat and spends as much time around her as possible. Over the weekend, I think the two of them really bonded. It might have had something to do with her constantly kissing my cat on the mouth:
Susan Loves Cats
Or of her cleaning off his dingleberries.
Susan Loves CatsSusan Loves Cats
Or of her putting her classes on his tail. She thought this was the funniest thing ever - enough so that she took three or four pictures of it.


boxcatav said...

susan needs to meet my cats. her hatred will vanish!

Dan said...

Anne, Susan does not have the time to meet all 256 of your cats. I think it would be quite overwhelming for her.