Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nitro Circus

The show Nitro Circus has quickly become one of my favorite shows on MTV. The show is a documentary type show, with a group of buddies doing crazy stuff. I's produced by the guys from Jackass, but without the gross stuff, at least not yet. The guys in the show are all extreme sports junkies and semi-pro BMXers, Mountain Bikers, Base Jumpers, etc. Their stunts are at a whole other level beyond Jackass and they actually complete the stuff, like the big-wheel flip below. Prior to showing this, the guys were back-flipping everything you can imagine: scooters, bikes, golf carts and bikes.

One part of the show starts with a guy launching himself out of a plane without a parachute. No setup explaining how dangerous it is, or how many ways he'll die. Just a dude going out of a plane without a chute. My kinda guys. My kinda show.

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