Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crazy Love

I'm three chapters into the book Crazy Love and digging it so far. I have to order another copy because mine is gone. I came across this book one day when Phil Wing posted perhaps the cheesiest status ever on Facebook:
Don't read the book Crazy Love unless you really want to love Jesus more.
I was compelled to look the book up and see what would make Phil post such a goofy status.... Which leads to why I don't have the book any more.

Let me step back a second and do the Wayne's World "time warp" back to Sunday. Joe's message was on loving others and sharing the great news of Jesus with our friends. He had a handout where we made a list of friends to pray for so that the church as a whole could pray for the people and that we could pray for them regularly. So Wednesday morning I was praying for the people on my list, including the friend I had met up with who happened to be in a meeting down in Florida. This guy and I no longer work together, but we keep in touch and have a very close friendship. Over the past six years I've known him we've had lots of conversations about church, about the bible and about our faith.

We had dinner last night and we were talking about church and what he's doing with it. He was telling me about his wife's faith and he shared with me that he's in a different place than her. We talked about the fact that he believed that what comes around, goes around, but wasn't sure beyond that. He asked a lot about how I made the decision that Jesus was the way for me and how it affected my life. My friend shared that based on what he'd seen in my life and what Jesus was doing for me, he wanted to learn more and figure out how to do the same in his own life. It was a great conversation. He asked if I had a book or something else that would help him understand how Jesus fits in...which is where the book Crazy Love comes in.

I sat down this morning and felt like God was nudging me to give this book to my friend. I pushed back, figuring I hadn't finished it yet and maybe should read it first to see if it was the right book to share with him. I ran into him again later today at the airport and once again felt a nudge to give him the book. He said he'd start it right away and was pretty excited about it. We'll see if it was the right book. Maybe God really is smarter than me... Or maybe I was just feeling the after-affects of our night out last night. I'm always amazed at the way God uses a guy like me, in the world he's put me in with the friends I've got.

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philwing said...

yeah, sure, it was a cheesy status...until you started reading the book! then it all made sense.

good post bro! so glad to hear about the way God is using you and what He's doing within you.

next time I'm headin' up to MI, I'll let ya know.