Monday, March 23, 2009

I have an office once again!

My office is not always the cleanest, as some will attest to. I normally give it a good cleaning every year or so whether it needs it or not. I'm convinced that if I had a bigger trash can, it would stay clean forever. (I'm deluded about other things as well).

I ended up moving my office to the back room in our basement that used to be Jess Shinn's room. Cathie had been wanting to make this her Scrapbooking room for the past 7 years or so, and never got around to it. The nice thing about having my office back year is that I now have a door, so the kids can play in the basement while I'm working.

Because the furnace and water softener are on the other side of this room, I installed a brand new door between the two rooms. That could have definitely gone better. I did a fair amount of cutting, hammering and smashing. I still need to get all of the trim back up.


Jordan Baker said...

4 computers on one desk???

Dave Kurt said...

3 Computers... One has two heads.