Thursday, March 05, 2009

Push up Contest

The guys and I at the 6am Triad workout decided to start a 30 day push-up contest. We took a baseline on Tuesday morning at the end of our workout and established our handicaps. We all threw in $5 to see who come make the greatest improvement over your handicapped number.

When we were at the Nascar race this summer I was able to crank out 73 in a row while fresh at the National Guard deal to get my brother Jon a t-shirt (he had worn a collared dress shirt to a NASCAR race?) Later on, Kevin and I then did a Navy Seals challenge (to earn a bag of crap) where I got about 60 push-ups in at the end of a whole series of exercises.

I'm trying to find a good push-up workout, like this 100 Push-Ups workout. Let me know if you know of any great workouts. Here are the handicaps so far:
  1. Me -25
  2. Kirk -20
  3. Howard -10
  4. Fred -5
  5. Alex -5
  6. Dave 0
  7. Mark 0
  8. Dr. Roy TBD

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