Monday, April 27, 2009

Crazy Cat Guy

Crazy Cat Guy aka Jon in 40 yearsCrazy Cat Guy
One of the highlights of the trip was Crazy Cat Guy (aka Dominique Lefort) at Mallory Square. He had cats do all sorts of odd tricks, which wasn't really the most amusing part of this. These cats would jump through hoops, through fire, walk across tightropes and jump over each other and on to him. What made him amusing was his crazy French accent as he'd yell the names of the cats (Oscaaar!) and his other odd sayings, "Huuurry Up. Taaake Your Time", “You can do eet!” ,“Eet’s all in your minnnd!” Beth can do a perfect impersonation of the guy. Just ask her.

The guy used to be a clown and used the island's stray cats as part of his act. I'm pretty sure he's just nuts, combined with the french aspect makes him one odd duck.

Dave, Cathie, Jon, Beth Posing with crazy cat guy

The thing is, he's compelling to watch. You just can't take your eyes off of him and then impersonate him throughout the night.

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