Monday, April 27, 2009

Miami Beach

South Beach
We headed up from Key West to Miami, right on South Beach. Cathie and I had been in South Beach last year, but never really made it to the "Beach" part of "South Beach". It was a beautiful beach and very "European" (meaning that many of the women sunbathed topless).

Miami was a total 180 from Key West. It was about flash, money and beauty. We stayed right on the beach at the Doubletree. You can see the views from our room below:
View from our Hotel RoomPatio at the Doubletree
Miami beach at night is wild. The restaurants try and lure you in, and lure you in they do with these giant drinks. These were seriously huge fish-bowls.
Dave and Cathie's Giant Drinks on South Beach
The buildings are such a cool Art-Deco look and feel.
South BeachMangos on South Beach
We even headed out to one of the clubs, to say we'd been there. It was a wild scene, as you can see from the picture on the right. We felt a bit old and didn't know any of the music. Miami was a bit crazy, not really my style. I'll take Key West any day.

Thanks so much to my Dad, Judy and Cathie's parents for watching the kids! You guys were amazing and we wouldn't have been able to go on this trip without them taking care of the kids. The kids loved it and our parents had a great time too. Also thanks to Nicki and the Schultz's for watching our dogs!

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