Friday, May 29, 2009

15th Annual Memorial Day Party

Labeled Garage
We had our 15th annual Memorial Day bash. It started about 15 years ago with the Heikkinen's and Thompsons out at Kensington and grew from there. We had a slew of people, over fifty at different times. I made sure that I clearly labeled everything in the garage to make sure that everything was nice and easy to find. The party started at and ended after midnight.
Memorial BackyardNate, Josh, Noah & Trevor on the trampoline
The weather was perfect. We all hung out in the back yard and the kids jumped on the trampoline. You'll find this hard to believe, but Jon did not make one kid cry on the trampoline the entire day. It probably had something to do with the fact that he was banned from it.
Dad, Jon & Dan's ShoesDave, Jon & Kevin rice-krispy treats
Dan, Jon and my Dad misread the invite and thought it meant they had to buy the exact same sandals and wear them. Rice Crispy treats seemed to be all the rage this year. Jon's were perfectly made in terms of overall levelness while Susan's emphasized the use (or overuse) of marshmallows and not killing Gabe through his food allergies.
Em and Reggie
The cousins and kids all had a blast playing together. The nieces and newphews are mostly at that age (except for Reagan) where they can take care of themselves wheile we hang out. Very nice.
Watching the wing's gameKevin napping
The game was on at 3, so we headed inside to watch the game. Kevin got his nap in, of course.
Me with my sweet iPhoneJen, Cathie and Lola
I'm pretty sure that people continued to be impressed by my iPhone, especially Katie Green, who always seems to be asking about it.. I used the Remote iTunes App with it's DJ features to control the music for the event. That never stops being impressive to me.
Dan, Dan, the Grilling Man
Dan was kind enough to handle the weiners for the event. He also grilled everything and did a great job.O
Allie in the TreeIMG_0733
Oddly enough, Ben and Allie ended up in the tree. Susan told me to get a picture, so I did.
Em roasting a marshmallow
We sparked up a fire that evening and grilled marshmallows. Very tasty. Alex mastered the perfect mallow, but I found his method of eating them a little odd.
Alex eating his perfect marshmallowsLucas and his stick
It was a great year, with perfect weather and lots of new additions to the list. There were lots that couldn't come, and they are now all dead to us (kidding) and must pay an entrance fee to be welcomed back into the family.

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