Friday, May 29, 2009

Multiple Big Sisters

Katie, Tiffany, Em and MaddieKasey, Nate and Tiff
After our memorial day party, I got to thinking about how lucky Cath and I are as parents and how lucky Nate, Maddie and Em are that we have the people in our lives that we have. As far back as ten years ago, we would have the girls in my youth group babysit our kids. Over time, those girls grew up (as tends to happen) and we would get to know them even better. Cathie and I would come back from our dates and end up hanging out and talking with them for hours and really getting to know them. Slowly but surely they were invited to a Kurt family gathering to see what they were really made of. For some reason, they stuck around.

Three of these girls: Kasey, Tiffany and Katie have a very special role in my kids lives. They've really taken on a "big sister" role with my girls and even with Nate. I trust these girls and their values, and I'm able to go to them with questions and advice. After Maddie got her phone, Tiffany even called me out on getting a phone for Maddie this young. Tiff and Kasey have known my kids since they were born and it's interesting to see what they notice about them as they're growing up. It's so nice to have girls that are some great role models play such an important role in their lives, and to have people that I trust that my girls can talk to when their not up for talking to Cathie and I about something. Plus, these girls can have conversations with a level of credability that I as a parent can't necessarily have, by the very nature of how the teenage brain is wired.

It's cool to watch these girls grow up and become such amazing women. I know that they attribute most of where they're at today to the advice I've given them over the years.

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