Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Cathie!

Cathie is an amazing Mom - my example of what a parent's supposed to be, really. When we talked about doing the Relay for Life this year and whether she wanted to do it since it fell on Mother's Day, her response was that she couldn't think of a better way to honor my Mom than by doing it. That's just one of many reasons I'm crazy about her.

Cathie is such a great example of what a Mom is to our kids. She sets the bar so high in terms of how to love and serve others, how to manage our home and crazy schedule with a traveling husband and how to prioritize all the craziness of the world, putting people before stuff. All that and she's smokin hot too!
Cathie's Mother's Day
After a long day and night at Relay for Life, we let Cathie sleep in and celebrated Mother's Day. We let Cathie stay in bed all morning and presented her with a plethora of choices for breakfast on the menu.
Cathie's Mother's DayCathie's Mother's Day
The kids all helped make breakfast, which we served to Cathie in bed, with french toast, bacon, fruit salad and Madeline own concoction of orange juice with strawberries.
Cathie's Mother's Day
Each of the kids made/bought their own gifts for Cathie. They each made her a card and bought her something. Nate (using his own money) bought Cathie a bouquet of flowers and some jewelry along with a card he made. Along with making her a card extolling Cathie's greatness, Em bought Cathie a bag of her favorite peanut M&Ms and Red Vine licorice. Maddie made Cath a card and picked up her an 8 pack of tiny diet coke bottles.

We brought Cathie the laptop into bed and let her facebook from the comfort of her matress followed by a long nap and then dinner at Outback Steakhouse

We topped it off with Ice Cream at Gurnsey's in Northville for Ice Cream.

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