Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Gift for my Mom

We got this paper of Nate's in the mail yesterday from his teacher. Each kid in the class had to write a story about one of their heroes. I couldn't help but cry as I read this, especially on Mother's Day as I've been thinking a lot about my Mom and missing her.

My Hero
By: Nathan Kurt
What makes someone a hero? Do heroes have to be famous? Can a hero be someone in your family? Do everyday heroes need fame or need to be recognized for all the little things they do? No, everyday heroes do things just for the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you help someone else. My grandma, Lynn Kurt, is my hero because she is religious, caring, and cheerful.

My grandma is one of the most religious people I know. Lynn Kurt, my grandma, walked with God every day until she died. She influenced people to become a disciple of Jesus by using her kind words to tell people the gospel, which means the good news about what Jesus did for us. When she did it was like a light turned on in their mind like when you go in a pitch black cave, where you can't even see yourself. Then you light a match illuminating the cave. My grandma has inspired me to become a disciple of Jesus and share the good news with other.

One of the most sympathetic people you'll ever meet is my grandma. This woman will do anything for anybody just to put a smile on their face. In fact one time my grandma bought a car for a homeless family and gave them three-thousand dollars for food and gas money. Another thing is that she cares about people's feelings. An example of this is when she saw a person weeping harder than a weeping willow as she was walking home and came to her to help her feel better and she learned her husband had a filed a divorce. So she took her out to dinner to talk more about it to try to make her feel better. Being caring, in my opinion, is one of the most important traits a hero has to have.

The trait that draws everyone to my grandma is her cheerfulness. Lynn Kurt is always in a good mood. Nothing can alter that no matter what happens. She can find something positive in even the worst of situations. Her mood is contagious, when people see her smiling, emitting a glow people fifty miles away can see, and in a good they start smiling and cheering up. Lynn Kurt has taught me to find the good in the worst and that is what I always try to do.

Now do you understand what a hero is? What makes someone a hero? Can a hero be someone in your family? Or do they have to be famous? My grandma, Lynn Kurt, is my hero because she is religious, caring, and cheerful.

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