Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Our newest Pet: Hannah the Snake

So Emily has a new pet - a gardener snake that I found when I was running. I figured I'd given it brain damage after carrying it a little mile, not to mention me looking a little strange running with a pet snake. She named the snake Hannah. No idea how that came about.

She's wanted a pet snake for a while, but Cathie's laid down the law on this one. I had a pet ball python in college and it was a great pet. It grew from a tiny little hatchling to about a 3 foot snake before it escaped in my apartment somewhere. Thankfully, it didn't eat the kitten.

We've been feeding it worms and slugs and it seems to be enjoying it - best I can tell (I'm not from the house of Slytherin after all). Yesterday, Emily's teacher let her bring it into school. As she walked down the hallway holding the snake's terrarium, she had the biggest smile on her place. Kids would come up to her and ask what was in the container and she would proudly answer, "My pet snake."
Em has started a dog walking business in the neighborhood. She's charging $1 for a 30 minute dog walk. Yesterday she took Alex and Andrea's dog Maggie for a walk, brought it into our back yard, played fetch with it and then fed it water, because it looked thirsty. She wants to make flyers and make enough money to buy herself a sugar glider.

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