Monday, June 08, 2009

My quest for the backflip

We got a trampoline from our neighbors. It cost me a case of beer and took about 2 minutes to carry from his yard. Worked out pretty well for all of us.

Apparently all of Maddie's time in gymnastics paid off. She can do a back flip like you wouldn't believe on our trampoline.. I can kind of land a front flip, and want badly to be able to do a back flip. Maddie's got it down pat. Most of it is mental, 20% is sheer knowing how to do it. The mental side is brutal, just havin the guts to do it.
Maddie on the Trampoline doing a Backflip
Maddie on the Trampoline doing a Backflip
I couldn't get it, even though Maddie makes it look so easy. I settled for jumping really, really high on the trampoline and sending Maddie even higher.
Maddie on the Trampoline doing a BackflipMaddie and Dad on the Trampoline

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