Friday, July 31, 2009

Kurt Family Dirty Mustache Competition Results

We had our 2nd annual Kurt Family dirty mustache competition on vacation this year. Last year's mustache's pail in comparison to this year's results. Jon, Dan and I were the only real competitors. Kevin claimed he had to shave due to a wedding (A Carson City wedding, which no one shaves at). My Dad started growing a mustache that week. You can see the results three weeks later at the bottom of the post. Jon's wife referred to jon's stache this year as a "Pedo Stache"
Last Year vs. This year:
Dave and Jon's Mustache'sIMG_3715
My entry this year went through a few permutations. I stole the original idea from John Winters and was then told that it was a gotee, not a stache. After a couple of small adjustments, I was announced the winner. From there I took it through a few versions, each looking nastier than the last. My final version ended up looking way too french, the point that I wanted to punch myself when I looked in the mirror.
Stache Pictures
I finally shaved it, and you can see how happy my wife is, and imagine how happy jon's wife is.
Nick's sister Lisa has repeatedly made reference to my gayness based on my cool pipe that I smoke, have an amazing orange shirt and the ability to grow phenomenal mustaches. Her tribute to me is below:
My Mustache Makes it fun to play at the YMCA

Here's my Dad's final mustache after three weeks:
Dad's Dirty Mustache

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