Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween 2009, They keep growing up...

Nate's Cheerleading CostumeEmily's Bee Costume
A couple of weeks ago we were sitting around as a family watching old family videos. We watched videos of Nate and Maddie's first Halloween's and laughed at their costumes. It's amazing to see how they've grown up. Nate changed his costume up at the last minute from being an injured football player to a cheerleader. Emily stuck with her animal theme to be a bee.

We weren't exactly sure what would happen this year with trick-or-treating based on some of the flu stuff going around, so it came down to the wire. In the past, Cathie had accidentally given out the stone in her wedding ring as a trick-or-treat, so this year, we made sure all the prongs were in tact.

Maddie went out as 'Little Miss Muffit' with two of her friends, Maddie and Jacklyn. It's tough finding an appropriate outfit for a 6th grader!
Maddie, Maddie & Jacklyn
The girls made out pretty well with their candy, and separated out their candy for counting.
Maddie and friends at Halloween
I'd suggested that the boys hit one of our bigger subdivisions, but I'm not sure how well it worked for them. Emily and her friend Kirstin went out with Monaca and Cathie and had a blast.
Nate and EnnoEmily & Kirstin
Emily and Maddie carved pumpkins this year, but didn't do the complex designs in past years, which worked for me, as I normally do all the carving.
Wilaca came over to hang with us. Cathie and Monaca took Em out, while Will and I passed out candy and then watched the MSU game. What a painful game to watch!
Will, Cathie and Monaca

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