Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kurt Family Fall Day in the Leaves

Nate and I went to the Lions game on Sunday. It was kind of a last minute thing, meant to be a reward for his great report cards and conferences. It was probably the worst football game I've seen in years. It seemed like a bad way to waste a beautiful day.
Cathie in the leavesCathie and Dave
I came home to find that my wife had spent the day mowing the lawn and raking the zillions of leaves we have. I went out for a few minutes to help her finish up the job. Maddie decided to take a few pictures, including this great picture of Cathie in action with the leaves, complete with her phone in holster.
Cathie in the leaves
Maddie had me pile the leaves so that she could launch off into the pile from the trampoline. I love this picture of her jumping into the leaves.
Maddie jumping in the leaves
Emily followed suit, jumping into the leaves, with her curly hair following behind her.
Em leaf jumpingEm leaf jumping
I love these pictures of the girls.
Cathie, Maddie and Em
Maddie's red hair blends right into the leaves. I got some other great pictures of Maddie and Cathie having a leaf flight that really captures the two of them together.
Maddie and Cathie

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