Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Bahamas Trip - Part 5, Random Stuff

Here's the last of my summaries from the Bahamas.  Random stuff that didn't fit in anywhere else.
Ed, Cathie and I went out one night to the theater at the Casino to go see the movie "The Hangover".  As we passed by, Ed couldn't help but to re-enact his favorite Beyonce song, so they both struck their poses for Single Ladies.
Cathie's parents bought Nate the game "Atlantis Monopoly".  Stacy was brave/foolish enough to play a full game with them, which went on for at least five hours.
Because Madeline had a bad cough, Emily decided to let Maddie sleep on the bed, and she slept in a chair.  Yes, a chair.  A chair pulled up to the bed.

At one point, I was pretty sure I saw Will in the Bahamas.  He has since confirmed that this is not him.

I have the chance to enjoy some cuban cigars while I was down in the Bahamas.  I'm not a huge fan, but the fact that I can't have them in America ensures that I enjoy a couple down in the Bahamas.  Ed, Stacy and I sat on the deck during the sunset and enjoyed them:

On the last day, I got lost during a run and stumbled across a pond filled with these big 'ol sea turtles:
I just got these pictures from my father-in-law that were from his underwater camera.  This is where we snorkeled, and you could see how close the sharks were.  How cool is that?
I dug this picture with the matching shirts.  Maddie had her choice of shirts, and picked out a matching shirt.  That says volumes about the kind of relationship that our kids have with their grandparents:
This was us just before leaving for the airport as we  walked around to say goodbye:

You can see all of the pictures in Picasa here and here.

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