Thursday, December 31, 2009

Emily's Pet Rats

Emily's Pet Rats
All Emily wanted for Christmas was two pet rats and Santa was thoughtful enough to get her a cage and certificate for two pet rats (apparently Santa didn't think through exactly how I was supposed to discretely redeem that certificate at the store). I talked to my friend Brad, the vet, and he told me that they are in fact supposed to be pretty cool pets.  They're perfect for Emily, because the more you hold them and play with them, the better.  They're pretty robust, and there's very little chance that Emily can "over love" them.

We told Emily she had to wait until Monday to get them, and she was about as excited as you can get, and equally crushed when they were out of them in our area.  All of the pet stores in a 40 mile radius were sold out, so we headed over to the middle of nowhere to pick them up on Tuesday.

She named them "Sugar and Spice"

Since then, Emily has not put them down.  Her Aunt Susan was kind enough to loan Emily her favorite fanny pack so that Emily could have a mouse carrier.  Even her sister Maddie is not too grossed out by them. 
Emily and her RatsEmily's Pet Rats

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