Monday, January 04, 2010

My 2010 Goals

I was sitting down and thinking through the kind of person I want to become and focus on in 2010.  I know these are all high level and fly in the face of what achievable goals should be, but it's what's been stewing in my mind.
  1. To live my life from a place of fullness
  2. To not be such a slave to my desires
  3. To be more connected to God
  4. To be more other centered, less self-centered
  5. To be available to be used by God
  6. To be quiet more often
  7. To find times in my world to disconnect from technology and media
  8. To be a light in my world
  9. To offer more grace and less truth to people
  10. To be more intentional about my friendships
  11. To sing even worse and off-key than I do now


Michael said...

And I just gave up soda pop, lattes, and energy drinks!

Sherry said...

Those are lofty goals Dave ~ However, being nicer to Sherry should be on there!