Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kurt Family MSU Hoops Game

Kurt Family Spartan Basketball
My Dad picked up BBALL tickets for those children and grandchildren that he really loves.  My Dad, Judy, Kevin, and I went went with Nate, Shabadu (Matthew), Andrew, Stephen, Gabe and Ben to watch MSU crush Univ of Texas Arlington. 
Kurt Family Spartan Basketball
Our seats were spread out, but we had open seats near us so we moved all of the kids over by us.  Ben was pretty much focused  the second half on his blue snow cone.
Kurt Family Spartan BasketballKurt Family Spartan Basketball
We had a good time and watched the Spartans crush UTA.  When they were about 30 points up, MSU put their second/third string guys in, including an Okemos grad, and there were five white guys on the floor at once.

Thanks again Dad!

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