Thursday, October 06, 2011

Today is the 5 year anniversary of my Mom's death

Five years ago today my Mom died of pancreatic cancer.  Only a day after Steve Jobs.  Coincidence?

The sadness is mostly gone, and filled with happy memories of her.  My family and I still talk all the time, with smiles, about things Mom would say in a given situation, things she loved, or things she hated.  "You know what Mom/Grandma would have thought about that?"  It's how we keep her memory alive and make sure our kids remember the amazing woman their Grandma was.

I still laugh when I see this family picture.  As you can imagine, my Mom really loved this picture (not at all). At some point when these pictures were being taken, I thought it would be funny to cross my eyes in every single one of the poses. She had no idea until we went to pick them up.  Her explanation was this: "The people who looked at the pictures probably thought 'Oh, look at that cute little retarded boy' and picked the best out of the bunch."  I still find it pretty funny.

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