Monday, June 08, 2009

Random Pictures from this week

Nate, Maddie and I hanging out watching Wife Swap.
Dave, Nate and Maddie on the couch

Maddie, Nate and Austin playing Airsoft.
Nate and Austin playing airsoftMaddie playing Airsoft
Maddie's not too much of a girly-girl to go out and shoot and get shot at.
Nate and Austin playing airsoft
Apparently there was a hostage situation at one point...

Maddie, Julie and MaddieEm begging for a Pet
Maddie, Maddie and Julie hung out all weekend... Emily used her puppy dog eyes - and started a dog walking business in the neighborhood.
Maddie in the Cone of Shame
After seeing hte movie Up, we started using the cone of shame on Maddie as a punishment. Very effective.

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